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1 Frequently Asked Questions
1.1 What are your hours?

Our main store is open 7 days/week:

Tuesday-Saturday: 10:00am - 6:00pm and Sundays 11 am - 5 pm
We are closed for the following holidays:
Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, Easter, Memorial Day, Labor Day and Ironman CDA

Our Mt. Spokane location for Cross Country Ski Rentals is seasonal. Depending on snow and grooming, we are open from December 1 until March 31.

Our Mountain hours are Thursday - Monday 9 am - 4 pm (No grooming on Tuesday and Wednesday).

Additionally we are open every day between Christmas and New Year's. We are closed Christmas day, but open for New Year's and New Year's day.

1.2 I want to Cross Country ski on Mount Spokane. What do I need to know and how much does it cost for one day or the full season?

Sno-Park Permits are required of every vehicle parking anywhere within Mount Spokane State Park. Sno-Park Permits are for the vehicle. There is no individual ticket required for each skier, only a permit for the vehicle. Sno-park permits are enforced for the Selkirk parking lot on Mt. Spokane from November through April.

All vehicles will need either a One-Day Sno-Park Pass displayed on the dashbaord, or a Full Season Sno-Park Pass affixed to the windshield (There is no family pass and the passes are not transferable between vehicles. Each vehicle must have it's own Season's pass with it's vehicle license number written on the pass). All passes may be purchased from the State Park or a vendor such as Fitness Fanatics. You can purchase a Sno-Park Pass from the State Park either Online or at the office on Mt. Spokane.

A One-Day Sno-Park Pass is $25 from the State Park or $27 from a vendor.

If you want to a full season's pass for your vehicle to Cross Country ski on Mt. Spokane, the total cost is $120 if purchased from the State Park. And the pass consists of 2 components. If you spent less than $120, you forgot to purchase one of the components. To ski a full season on Mt. Spokane each vehicle will need

a "Seasonal Sno-Park Permit for Non-Motorized Vehicles" that sells for $50 from the State Park


a "Special Groomed Trails Permit" that sells for $70 from the State Park. This is a sticker that must be affixed to the Seasonal Sno-Park Permit. In turn, the Seasonal Sno-Park Permit (with the Special Groomed Trails sticker attached) must be affixed to the vehicle's windshield for the duration of the season.

If purchased from a vendor a Seasonal Sno-Park Permit is $53, and a Spedial Groomed Trails Permit is $73.

Note: You WILL be ticketed if you park without a permit, so drop by Fitness Fanatics and pick one up on your way to the mountain, or the Rangers office at the Park Entrance. For more information on Sno-Park permits, click here.

1.3 Do you do Bike Fits and how much are they?

Yes! $150 to be fully fit to your bike.

1.4 Does your shop repair wetsuits?

No, but call us for information on who to contact. If you want to DIY we have wetsuit cement for sale 

1.5 What apparel brands do you carry? What if you do not carry the brand I am looking for?

Craft. Pearl Izumi, Blue Seventy, Terry, Sheebeast, Castelli, Swix and Sporthill...to name a few! Call us if you have a particular brand in mind. We just might be able to order it!

1.6 Do you carry any Alpine/Snowboard equipment?

No, sorry we do not carry Alpine or Snowboard equipment.

1.7 How much does it cost to rent equipment?

We rent nordic skis for both Classic and Skate Skiing. We also rent bike boxes for Airline travel. For more information about our rental equipment and prices, see our Rentals Page: http://www.fitfanatics.com/rentals/

1.8 When does Mt. Spokane groom XC trails?

Mt. Spokane grooms Nordic trails all days EXCEPT Tuesday and Wednesday.
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