Mon-Sat: 10AM-6PM
Sun: 11AM-5PM


Cross country ski and snowshoe rentals on Mt. Spokane  (Not open on Mt. Yet. )  As soon as they start grooming, we will open.

Our hours on the Mountain are 9am -4pm  Thursday, Friday, Sat. sun. and Monday. Closed Tue. & wed. on the mountain,  Trent Location is open 7 days a week Mon- Sat. 10-6  sun 11-5 WE have cross country rental at both locations.
All Cross country ski rentals include skis, boots, and poles.   

Classic Cross Country Skis for Adults*   
   $30 per day
   $50 for the weekend
Click for adult classic ski rentals

Classic Cross Country Skis for Children* (Children under 100lbs)
   $25 per day
   $40 weekend
Click for children's classic ski rentals

Skate Ski Rentals for Adults*
   $50 per day
   $80 weekend
Click for adult skate ski rentals

Skate Ski Rentals for Children* (Children under 100lbs)
   $40 per day
   $60 per weekend
Click for children's skate ski rentals 

Snowshoe Rentals:
Snowshoes are available at both locations:   In town Monday - Sat. 10-6  Sunday 11-5   On the Mountain  We are open 9-4  Thurs., Fri., Sat., Sun, Mon.   Closed Tue & Wed.
Rental is $25/day and includes poles. 
Click for Snowshoe rentals 

*You can rent your cross country skis from our two locations:  
  On the Mountain:
 At the trailer next to the Selkirk Lodge in Mt Spokane State Park. Hours, Dec 1st  if they start grooming.   Fitness Fanatics is at 12425 E Trent, Spokane Valley WA 99216. Hours: M-Sat. 10-6  Sun. Closed
If you would like to pay for and reserve your ski rental on Mt. Spokane you may use any of the above links for rental reservations. To guarantee your rental on the mountain, please make your reservation by 6:00PM the day before.  The earlier the better. For on Mountain reservations: Call 509-922-6080  or click to go to our Mt. Spokane Rentals Page.
If you would like to rent from our main store on Trent, you can come by or call 509-922-6080 for rental reservations.
Thank you.

Cross country Ski Lessons.
We offer both group and private lessons

Private Lessons: 


$60 for a single person private ski lesson. If you need rentals you will get them half price, when taking a lesson

$80 for a two person private ski lesson. If you need rentals you will get them half price, when taking a lesson 

Group lessons

$40 each person for classic Limited group size 6.  If you need rentals you get half off rental, when taking a lesson.

$40 each person for Skating Limited group size is 4.  If you need rentals you get half off rental when taking lesson.

 Meet Our Instuctors:

Natasha Sharman

PSIA Level 2, certified cross country skiing instructor 

Cross country skiing is my favorite sport and was part of my life for a very long time. I grew up in Krasnoyarsk Russia, enjoying weekend skiing with my parents and friends and participating in xc ski PE lessons at my school on weekdays.

I started teaching xc skiing and got my PSIA certification about nine years ago, when my children were enrolled in Spokane Nordic club's Nordic kids program. For eight years I was a volunteer instructor with Spokane Nordic club enjoying helping kids and their parents to have fun xc skiing. 

Now  I am in my third year ofski instructor with Fitness Fanatics. I enjoy teaching all kinds of lessons, classic and skate ski lessons. My instruction time  varies from having fun on the snow with school children and introducing families to xc skiing, by giving them beginner classic ski lessons, to teaching athletes how to skate ski, as well as helping intermediate level skiers to further improve their technique, so they can take  their skiing to the next level. 


Bike case (Trico)
  • $50 per week
  • $40 weekend
  • $60 To Have Fitness Fanatics pack your bike
  • $60 To Have Fitness Fanatics unpack AND TUNE your bike

Bike case (Tri-All 3)

  • $70 per week ($20 for each add'l week)
  • $60 weekend
  • $60 To Have Fitness Fanatics pack your bike
  • $60 To Have Fitness Fanatics unpack AND TUNE your bike