Robin’s Triathlon Check List:

Race Day Necessities:



Bike shoes


Swim Cap

Timing Chip (provided at packet pickup)

Water bottle

Triathlon Clothing (or swim suit, running shorts) 


Highly Recommended but not necessary:

Wetsuit (weather permitting)

Beach Towel (for transition area)

Sun glasses

Race food – gels, bars, powders

Socks (if you use them)

Cap or Visor

Sun screen



Watch with lap time

Heart rate monitor

Race belt

Easy laces

Ear plugs

Nose Plugs

Bike pump

Chain lube

Extra pair goggles 


Cold Weather:

Arm warmers/Leg warmers

Toe covers


Long sleeve jersey

Pre-race and post-race clothing

Extra jacket

SmartWool socks

Neoprene swim cap

Swim socks




Extra water bottles

Contacts or glasses

First Aid kit

Baby wipes

Contact solution

Flips flops

Baby powder


PB&J Sandwich


On the Bike:

Tool bag with-


Spare tube

Multi-tool kit

Patch kit

Tire levers

Bento box

Front aero bottle

Bike computer



Common first timer Questions


What do I wear for a triathlon?

>Wear clothes that can go straight from the swim to bike to run.  You can put on bike shorts over your swimsuit if you want; however you are more likely to have chaffing.

>You can wear a swimsuit that has a bike pad in it that can go from swim to bike and then run.

>You can wear bike shorts that have a thin pad that will dry easily after the swim and can go from swim to bike to run.

>You can wear a one-pierce triathlon suit also.

 For more ideas on what to wear check out www.fitfanatics.com


Can I change clothes? No public nudity is allowed at most triathlons, and unless they say they have changing tents, there will not be a place to change.


What do I eat?  If the event will take you longer than an hour you may want to think about refueling your body.  Gels, sports drinks, or bars.  Example would be hammer gel, Perpetuem or heed, or cliff bar. Fuel and Hydrate during bike ride and hydrate on the run.  Some of you may be able to use fuel on the run other if will upset your stomach.  Practice this in your training.


Is their water on the course?

Most races have water on the course, but some don’t have as much as I need, so I find out in advance what will be available and how often.  This way you can plan ahead.


Can my family and friends help me?

 This is a do it on your own sport.  Family and friends can cheer you on and be there as moral support.  They are not allowed to help you in any way during the race.


What are T1 and T2?


T stands for Transition area

1 is the first Transition.  This is from Swim to bike

2 is for the second Transition; this is from bike to Run.


How do I get from swim to bike to run to finish?

First you start in the proper swim wave start.  Do not start in the wrong wave this will mess up timing.

 After the swim you run up the beach to where your bike is located. (T1)  

Then change into your bike shoes, put helmet on and clip it.  Then head out on bike course.

Return to (T1) rack your bike.  Change into your run shoes if you need to, if you already have them on, head out on the run. 

Follow the sign and go directly to the finish line.  Ya you did it.

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