Why I Love Ironman

Why I love Ironman:

Ironman 2013.  

What I love most is that I get to share in so many peoples day.  All the months of training, worrying, and finally the big day comes.  You always share your training schedule, some of you even ask advise,  I get to help you with nutrition, bike questions, clothing questions and yes even the chafing problems.   We here at Fitness Fanatics  bike and tri shop get to share it all with you.  We have been on both sides.  We are sometimes the athlete, the coach, the volunteer, the cheerleader and always we are your biggest fan. 

I look back on the last three weeks of long nights at the shop, lots of eating out and stressing about your bikes and equipment, but it is all worth it on Ironman Day.  I got to see each and every one of you out there.   Some of you didn’t see me and others saw me before I saw you. Some of you may not have had the day you had planned, but you are all an Ironman at the end of the day. I know a few had some unfortunate events that keep them from the start line, but that does not matter we still know that you  too are an Ironman. 

What makes you an Ironman is more than the day itself.  It is the year of training and sacrifice you have made to get to the day itself.  Your family and friend are glad you are back.  Remember to tell them how much you appreciate them and spend some quality time with them. Yes there is more to life than Ironman.   I love Ironman and will always be part of it. I will always feel lucky to share in all your stories.  You all motivate me to keep training for my next Ironman.   I look forward to seeing some of you at Ironman Canada and the rest I will see you at Ironman CDA next year.  Enjoy some time off and remember there is always 2014 Ironman CDA.

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