Time to switch seasons

The end of the Nordic ski season is here and it is time to get your skis ready for summer.

Make sure to put a layer of wax on them to protect them for the summer.

If you have waxable classic, you should clean off the kick zone and then put a glide wax on the whole ski.

Skate skis:  glide wax on the whole ski

Waxless ski glide on glide zone and paste wax on scales.  

Skin skis:  glide wax on glide zone , nothing on the skin.

IF you don’t have time to do your own, bring them in and we can do them for you.  End of season ski wax prep.  $20


It is time to drag the bike out of the garage and get it ready to ride.  Bring it in and let us get it ready for you, basic tune up starts at $60.

Things you can do yourself:

Pump up your tires
Lube your chain
give it a safety check.
  ( need help with this we will show you)

Go ride!!!!

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