Spokane Bike Shop Indoor trainer rides Fitness Fanatics

Bike Shop Spokane;  Best Indoor trainer ride.

Come Join the Gang at Fitness Fanatics for the Best Spokane Bike Shop Indoor ride.  We have 4 Studio Elite trainers that people can race live on.  We will also be leading rides for those who are not doing the indoor race.  Are you looking to keep your cycling fitness over the winter?  Indoor group training rides are a great way to do this.

We are riding Thursday’s at 6:00 pm or Saturday Morning at 8:00 AM.  Bring your trainer and have some fun.  Don’t have a trainer; we have a full selection for sale.  Each week we will let a few of you do the live race if you want. 

We will also have one Tacx trainer set up for someone to demo as well. 

Rides will last about an hour to hour and a half, for the Month of Dec.   We may make them longer in January for the hard cores. 

Come have fun with Fitness Fanatics Spokane Bike Shop Indoor Trainer Rides. 

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