The off Season

What is the off season? What does this mean for a Triathlete?

For Triathletes, this is a hard question to answer.   Some of you will not take any time off at all, while others take advantage of sitting on the coach watching football and catching up on the new flavors of brews that are out for the Holidays.

What it really means when we say its time for the off season, is that workouts are  less structured to give the mind and body a break from rigorous schedules and training.  This does not mean you should sit on the coach.  It is a great time to do the following:

1.        Work on your weak sport.   Spend some time going back to basic and work on technique. 

2.       Strength training.  Get a program that works the whole body.  Core and other key areas that get neglected when training get long in the peak season.

3.       Spend quality time with family and friends.  Just make sure you get in a small workout at least 5 day a week to keep your consistency.  

4.       If you have been fighting with your nutrition, take this time to get your eating habits cleaned up.  With less volume in training, you have time for food prep.  Now is the time to practice this and get good at it for when training volumes get high again.  It will also help keep you out of trouble during the Holidays.

5.       For those who don’t think they need a break, you will have a much faster season next year, it you take a little time to reflect.  You too can get burned out and you will not improve. 

6.       If you live in the northern United States, like us here at Fitness Fanatics, take time to learn a new winter sport.  Cross country skiing.  It can be classic or skating.  Learn to Snowshoe.  Get outside and enjoy nature in the winter.

7.        If cycling is you week sport, now may be the time to get a new smart trainer and have fun riding on the days you can’t make it outside.  These trainers make it as close to riding out side as one can get.  You can ride videos that are in other part of the world.  You can do one of the programs online where you can race other people from all over the world. 

So, if you are ready for a fun off season, come see us at Fitness Fanatics.  We have Cross Country Skis, we rent, we sell and we give lessons.  We have your smart trainers for those ready to take you indoor riding to the next level.

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