Nordic Ski Tip for Oct.

Preparing your Nordic skis for the upcoming season:

If you put your summer wax on your skis, your skis are in great shape.  Now is the time to scrape it off, and do a hot wax clean.  Then give them a good bushing with a copper or brass brush.  This will help get that last bit of the old wax off.

Then use a base prep wax and soak in a good thick coat.  Let it cool 15 minutes before scraping and brush. 

Next use a colder temperature wax and do the same thing.   Then go back to a warmer temperature wax and then back to a colder temperature wax. 

Make sure you are scraping and bushing between layers.  This will help get your skis ready for the first wax of the season.

If you didn't put any wax of before summer, you need to start with a hot wax Clean and then follow the same directions as above. 

If you need help with stop by the shop and we will help you out.

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