Meet the team

Meet The Team!!

First off we have such a great “Crew” working this year.  If you haven’t had a chance to meet the new faces, come on in and introduce yourself.  Don’t forget to say hi to the rest of us also!

Frank, Keri and Samantha all joined us last Spring and Summer, and have spent the Fall and Winter months holding down the fort!

Keri is an Exterra World Champion and Ironman Kona finisher.  She was second overall this year in the Double Double. (This is fastest combined time for Ironman Kona world championships and Exterra World Championship Maui)  Keri not only is a summer Triathlon queen, she is a cross country skier.  She placed 3d over all in the Selkirk Series this year. 

Samantha is an avid Cyclist, Spin Instructor and Triathlete.  If you have notice a more organized and clean Fitness Fanatics, it is because of her “Clutter Busting”.  Samantha was new to Skate skiing this year and what a strong athlete!  Her first time out on skate skies she went all the way around Linder Ridge, Mica road, up Twin Lakes and back to the lodge.  (That is amazing for a first timer) And now we have her hooked!

Frank started with us last spring as one of our bike mechanics.  He is an avid bike racer on our Fitness Fanatics/ Emde team. This year he will be focusing on TT’s.  He is a real power house.

Matt is our newest bike mechanic and comes to us with years of mechanic skills from both the supplier side as well as his own successful wheel building business. He also is an avid bike racer on our Fitness Fanatics/ Emde team.  Not only is Matt a great cyclist/Mechanic he won his age group at Langlauf this year.  He loves cross country skiing and classic is his passion.

The core of my team would be Jim and Holly. They have been with me the longest and I couldn’t do it without them.   Jim is my head bike mechanic and the go to guy who can fix anything.  Jim has been in the bike business almost longer than I have been alive.  (O-k maybe not that long) .  If it has two wheels he will ride it.  He rides his bike almost every day all year long.   Holly is your go to; if you have a warranty problem or need an item special ordered she is the ticket!  She makes sure we keep the inventory up to date and checked in properly.  Not only is she a Mountain Biker, she is an avid Nordic skier as well.  She may seem a little quit, but ask her about her kids or her pets and you can get her going.  

Then I can’t leave out the backbone of the store.  He is the one who will get up at the crack of dawn to set up for an event or race.  Stay all night at the shop to build bikes for customers, who need them the next day.  John is my store manager, my better half, bike fitter extraordinaire, USAT and USAC certified coach and the stone grinding expert.  If you have a technical problem with a Garmin, a Tacx trainer or any other high tech gadget, John is your man.  He is a mechanical engineer by profession, so he is a perfectionist!

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