Ironman Whistler Canada 2013

Ironman Canada is in the books.   The new Ironman Whistler Canada is a very beautiful course.  The two loop mostly water start swim was as most  mass start Ironman Swims are, a little crazy at the start and then if you are slower swimmer as myself, it thins out by the time you make the first turn. If you talk to other who are faster, they will give different report. 

The Bike starts out with a rolling start as you make your way out towards, then you turn off highway 99 up toward Callagham Nordic area. This is a bit of a climb, but it is where the Olympic Nordic skiing, Biathlon and the really cool bike Ski Jumps are.  You want to stop and take pictures and go look around, but realize that you  better keep cycling you have a lot of race in front of you.  Then you head back to Whistler and past Green Lake and down the hill to Pemberton.  If you took a second to look down by the lake you might have seen the Black Bear.  There are some screaming down hills with some rail road crossing, so you better just pay attention to what is in front of you.  You reach the town of Pemberton and you get your special needs bag.  For me my Payday Candy Bar and Cheetos are waiting.  Then you head out thru the valley in Pemeberton and this place is the scenery I really like.  Farms with old barns, cows in the pastures and spectacular sharp mountain peaks on all side of you.  The mountains are such a great back drop for the beautiful valley.  You will hear a lady playing her fidal as you pedal by and other out cheering you on with their cow bells.  You go out and back in the Valley, so you get to see if both directions and it great both ways.  Then you come back to Pemeberton and head back up the hills to Whistler.  I said hills, because you will get the occasional downhill followed by another uphill.  The hills some would say are not that bad, they just come late in the day, which makes them seam worse.  No matter how you look at it or who’s Garmin you look at it is more elevation over the course that what is posted online.  My survey say’s around 6500 ft of climbing. 

Next cames the run.  Part valley paved trail and part dirt trail.  Again scenery is unbelievable.  Deep forested areas with wooden bridges crossing over babbling creeks.  Then if you run a sunset like I do, you will see the last of the days light reflecting on the clouds in the sky. The steam rising off of Green Lake with the Mountain peaks as a back drop.  I truly wanted to stop my run on this great wooden bridge and just take it all in, it was so amazing.  I then remembered they do have cut off and I might want to keep my feet moving forward.   

All in all it was a long day for me, but worth the price of admission.  If you are looking for a fun, beautiful place to go do and Ironman I would recommend this one.  Do make sure you get lots of bike miles in and make sure they include lots of hills.

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