Ironman CDA 2016 is in the books

Ironman 2016 is in the books. I feel so luck to be part of a great Triathlon community, I saw so many of you out there. I found you at the start of the swim, you were swimming beside me, you were volunteering and helping me out of the swim, you took my wetsuit off for me. we visited in T1 before we started on the bike, You pointed me the right way on the bike and let me know when I could get on my bike. You passed me with your bike as I was biking along , I might have ...passed you back, then you passed me back. You gave me water at aid stations, you held my bike for me. You watched the intersections and keep me safe from traffic. You where out there competing with me, you were cheering me on every part of the day. from swim to bike to run. You took my bike from me at the end of the bike. You gave me cola and pretzels on the run. Yes there were so many of you in my day yesterday that I feel so lucky to be part of such a great family of Ironman Triathlon athletes and Volunteers. Those who did not race, did there part to help the rest of us make out day. You all made my day very special. So Thank you to all of you who I saw yesterday, you are the best!!!!! And Congratulations to all who Finished!!!

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