Ironman CDA 2016 Aug. 21st

WE are so excited it is almost here.... we have started to taper and have to much time on our hands, so we have time to write this blog post. 

I am posting the Ironman check list for all the athletes and the Ironman Sherpa check list for the suport crew.



-          “Athlete Check In” is Thursday 10-5 pm and Friday 10-5 pm.  THERE IS NO CHECK IN ON SATURDAY!

-          Give yourself 2 hours to check in, if you go Thursday morning, the lines can be long.  Drop off your bike and gear bags in transition on Saturday from 10-3 pm.  Don’t wait until the last minute to check in your bike, the lines are long. Read the Athlete guide, found on Ironman CDA website.



Race attire



Swim cap (provided in packet)

Timing chip (provided at packet pickup)

Warm clothing for before & after race

Fuel & hydration (race food)

Water bottles & aero bottle


Watch with lap time

Heart Rate Monitor 

Body Glide

Ear plugs

Nose plugs

Bike pump

Chain lube

Extra pair goggles



Bike shoes 

Race belt with bib #

Sun glasses

Socks (if you use them)

Cold Weather:
Arm warmers/Leg warmers
Toe covers


Long sleeve jersey

SmartWool socks 


 Running shoes w/ easy laces

Cap or visor


Race belt with bib #



Extra water bottles

Extra fuel & hydration

Contacts or glasses

First Aid kit

Baby wipes

Contact solution

Baby powder

PB&J Sandwich

Snickers Bar


Who is an Ironman Sherpa?
You are the one who has been patiently allowing your Ironman athlete to train. You have been keeping the family together and keeping the house clean.   You are the one who will get up early to watch your athlete, cheer them on all day and then pick up the pieces at the end of the day.  You are the backbone of Ironman.  Without your love and support, your athlete may not make it to the start line.  So for you we say THANK YOU!!!

Here is a check list for you first time Ironman Sherpa’s.  Remember to stay hydrated and fuel yourself all day.

Ironman Sherpa check list
Race week:
Be Patient with your athlete, they are a little stressed.
They will be the person you love the minute they cross the finish line.

Buy your chalk early, it gets sold out. The night before is the best time to do your chalk markings.
Make signs if you want for your athlete. You can go to Ironman Village to make signs for your athlete.

Get your spectator day of race kit together:
Water bottle
Camp Chair
Comfortable shoes
clothing for any kind of weather.
Your bell, for cheering on your athlete
Back pack or string bag to carry your snacks and water bottle

Dress warm in the morning, it is cold at 4:30 in the morning standing by the swim start. 
It could rain or it can be 100 degrees, bring all kinds of clothes.

Plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner, even if your athlete is really fast, you need to eat and stay hydrated, so you are ready to cheer them on and pick up their stuff at the end of the day.

If you have kids bring snacks for them as well.  Take them to the new McEuen Park to play to burn off some of their energy.  If you have someone who can bring them later, let them sleep in, it is a long day and they will want to see Daddy or Mommy finish.

-Download the Spector guide from the Ironman CDA web site.  There is a course Map and parking map.
-Try to make a parking plan earlier in the week and make a backup in case your spot is full.
-Make sure your athlete knows they are to pick up their packets either Thursday or Friday, there is not pack pick up on Saturday.
-Friday night from 7pm-8PM is the Athlete Welcome Ceremony and everyone is welcome. Saturday, make sure your athlete gets there bike and two transition bags check in by 3:00PM
- Saturday is IronKids Fun Run at 9:00 AM Sat.  registration before.
-Make sure your athlete gives you there gear check out tags and signs them.  You will need that and your ID to pick up their bike and bags on Sunday.  You can start picking up their stuff from 6:00PM until Midnight.
-Monday Morning your athlete will want breakfast early and then need a nap and then they will want to eat again and then possible another nap.  They will also want to shop early for Ironman Finisher Clothing.  Get there early for the best selection.


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