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Swix LF Glide Wax

Swix LF Glide Wax

Cera Nova Category 4:
LF Fluorocarbon Glide Waxes

These are fluorinated hydrocarbon waxes having a lower percentage of low-melt point fluoro additive. They are used as training waxes, or as racing waxes with Cera F as a final layer, or alone as a race wax at very low temperatures.
The temperature ranges and wax colors of the LF waxes coincide with the HF category, however they are distinguished from the HF waxes by the 60 gram bar size.They are also available in packages of 180 gram. LF waxes are lighter coloured than CH.

Swix Future Cera™ technology will be incorporated in the LF-line for the 2012-2013 season. Swix Future Cera® technology decreases the half-life time of the product from years to months, thus the bioaccumulation potential is reduced to negligible levels without sacrificing performance!

Swix LF glide wax 60g. $33 Select temperature

Swix LF glide wax 180 gram $80 Select wax