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Fitness Fanatics Ski Lesson (Maximum of 5)


Fitness Fanatics Ski Lesson (Maximum of 5)

Enjoy a 90 min lesson in skate or classic skiing with one of our skilled instructors. Groups of up to 5 people can receive instruction at a beginner or intermediate level, while maintaining adequate social distancing and mask use. Note that rentals reserved for use during a lesson are 50% off*

Simply add your desired time slot to your cart the same number of times as the number of skiers you wish to reserve for. Slots are designated as two hours to ensure adequate time for rental pickup

*Our order form will show a full-price charge even when paired with a lesson, this will not be reflected in the actual charge to your card, which will be at the discounted price. We apologize for any confusion this may cause. Also note that should only one skier sign up for a given lesson slot, the lesson becomes an individual lesson, priced at $60.00, we will call you before making this adjustment.