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Fischer RC9 Pole


Fischer RC9 Pole

Pro-level RC9 pole now is 20% stiffer yet even lighter. Improved, secure grip using MucosĀ® cork and an ergonomically correct F-Speed Strap greatly improve this pole's control and power transfer. Multi Tip System allows fast and easy basket switching based on snow conditions. Different snow conditions call for different pole baskets. The softer the ground, the larger the basket should be to enable perfect kick action. Use with roller skis in summer, on the other hand, has different requirements. In the past the solution was either to own several pairs of poles or the time-consuming removal and reaffixing of the baskets together with the respective tips. The Multi Tip System, however, enables you to simply screw on the basket you require. This procedure is so easy, you can even change baskets out on the trails if you need to!